(W)HOLE TIME is the first feature film of Spanish director and photographer Eugenio Recuenco.

We've been developing this project since 2013 when chance and the stars brought together a very passionate and dedicated team of insanely talented people. 

We all immediately fell in love with Eugenio's original screenplay: A mind-bending thriller that takes place in the Great American Desert. The characters are trapped in a place where time and space spiral out of control and moments repeat endlessly like an infinite mirror, a mirror deep inside the minds, dreams and nightmares of everyone involved, and where the slightest movement can cause terrible ripples in each other's past -- and future.

Everyone currently working in bringing (W)HOLE TIME to life has blind faith in Recuenco's ability to transform into pure gold any idea he touches. His work both in photography as in film is flawless, and so is his vision and his ability to turn a dream into a reality.

He's won many awards, like the Cannes Golden Lions he humbly collects among his knick-knacks in his cabinet of wonders. Among many other glamorous awards, of course.

But his ultimate dream is this. And we're all in for the ride!


If you want to join the adventure as an investor, or patron, send me a message!


From right to left-

Director: Eugenio Recuenco

Art Direction: Eric Dover

Production Designer: Marco Niro

Producer: Rebecca Massey