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Rebecca Massey is a Mexican-born photographer, working in the United States and Mexico. She studied Film Production at the University of Texas in Austin. She began pursuing photography when she found herself captivated by the theatrical nature of cinema captured in a single frame while splicing 35mm film in an old editing suite.

"Through my work I explore the subtle world that lies between dreams and nightmares.  Not only do I create a new character for each image, I carefully design its surroundings: a place that makes sense inside their world, with a life of their own and whatever they need to dwell inside their ghostly existence.

Although my medium is digital photography, the sets are carefully elaborated by hand and retouched digitally in an artisan-like fashion. Having a cinema background has defined my personal style. I want my images to evoke a trip inside the human subconscious, precisely that ephemeral moment which we can only briefly grasp before we wake."

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Galería EsArte, Marbella, Spain

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